Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Men and Their Wives

So my husband is six months overdue his yearly exam. Is he calling up to set up his yearly appointment? No. Is he calling me to call and set up his yearly appointment? No. Because he has every intention of going to the doctor tomorrow. When it comes to men and doctor’s tomorrow is man’s best friend. And we wives know this. It is kind of an unspoken rule. Women nag, and men stay healthy.

It’s not that we expect our husbands to be trim and fit like a man in his twenties. We want our husbands to be healthy. So, I made the appointment and my husband kept calling me and saying, “I don’t think I’m going to be able to make that appointment. I’ll get it done, just not now.” Oh, no. I set the appointment, and he would not miss it. 

He calls me and says, “Why do you have to be there?” And I immediately think back to all of the ladies I work with who are much older than me, and they tell me how their husbands let things go until they found themselves in the emergency room or at MD Anderson. 

My husband had been working out harder than ever and still his blood pressure had not budged. It was time for medication. And after all of the years he has fussed at me about not wanting to take medication, he finally had to face the same dilemma. It’s not fun to have to take something every day. Maybe it makes us feel one step closer to getting old. Maybe it makes us feel insecure that there is something about our health that we cannot control ourselves. I’m not sure how he felt, but I know that he was not interested.

And it gets to a point when its not just about healthy choices. It had gotten so bad in our house that my twins went to their Mimi’s house and saw a full plate of gravy and rice and said, “Mimi, we haven’t seen gravy in a year!” Gravy or no gravy, life and age still happen.

Men seem to deal with age in a very different way than women. Women run to the doctor when they feel the first strange sign. Men call their wives and talk to them about it as if a wife can fix it all with Motrin! As I barged into the doctor’s office I explained that statistics show men who live with wives live longer. And our doctor nodded his head in agreement, but he kind of grinned at my husband as if to say, “Yeah, husbands live longer with nagging wives!”

Whatever! A few weeks back I was walking my dog with my friend and her dog, and I was telling her about my husband’s stubborn attitude toward going to the doctor. She has a very dry wit, and she matter-of-factly said, “Callie, just get him to the doctor once a year. I really don’t want to have to buy you a ham.”

I really don’t like the fact that once we get to the “middle age” of life we have to think about things like heart failure, diabetes, strokes, or other middle age dysfunctions. But it happens. And to be totally honest with this column, at times we women just drown ourselves in our husband’s health issues to keep ourselves from worrying about our own. If you are forty and beyond it is time to see your doctor. Get the tests run that are in order. Speak to your doctor. Men, listen to your wives. Wives go to your doctor. It is not just maintenance, it is facing the next phase in our lives and trusting that God educated doctors to keep us healthy enough to see the next stage in the game.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rotary Meeting August 5th, 2010

Danny Bousch

Rotary meet today at noon at Mike's Restaurant. The guest speakers were Danny Bosch & Jasmine Wilson. They were chosen as Rotary club's sponsored campers for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp that took Place July 18th - July 22nd at Solomon Episcopal Conference Center in Robert, LA.Danny and Jasmine both expressed appreciation to the Rotary Club for sponsoring them as campers.
Jasmine Wilson
They each told of their experience at the camp and what a wonderful experience and that they were honored to have been chosen to attend.They commented how important Rotary is to our community and that it was a gift to them for Rotary to have sent them, but it was also an investment in our community.

Betty Gill then gave them each a token of the club's appreciation for sharing their experiences.  She also reminded everyone that we do not realize how we are changing the world, just by fostering leaders in our community.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Global Positioning System

Callie Foreman
Last Christmas I gave my husband a Tom Tom. I had been told that it was one of the better yet more cost efficient GPS systems. What is a GPS? Most people would know the answer to that by now. I am most always one of the last people to get on board with new technology. But, for those of you who do not it is a Global Positioning System.

A GPS can tell you exactly where you are at any given moment, and once you program in your destination it can vocally guide you to the exact spot. For instance, if you were sitting in your driveway and typed in Townsend, Tennessee, the system would show you the map and an arrow would begin pointing in a certain direction. A woman’s voice would then say very calmly, “Turn left.”

Well, the thing sat on my husband’s desk for months until we went to Austria. Our rental car came with a GPS that was programmed to our hotel so if we ever got lost we could type in home and it would guide us back. This was a remarkable thing when staying in a German speaking country. She was our little English speaking guide in a tiny box. It was using the GPS on our trip that finally convinced my husband that it was a neat little gadget.

Chloe Alyce McKenzie Birth Announced

Samuel Dawson Wilkes Birth Announced

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gladys Smith Celebrated 97th Birthday

Gladys Smith celebrated her 97th Birthday on June 23rd at Heritage Manor of Franklinton.  The residents, staff and family enjoyed cake, punch, chips and dip.

Her children are Betty Smith of Columbia, MS, Bobby and Ben Smith of Mt. Hermon, Walter Smith of Pine, and Billy and Micheal Smith of Denham Springs, LA.

Lauren Patrice Harrell & Ethan Tyler Graves Wedding Announced

Miss Lauren Patrice Harrell & Ethan Tyler Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Westmoreland are pleased to announce the engagement and approaching marriage of her daughter, Lauren Patrice Harrell to Ethan Tyler Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Graves.  

The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Mona Matherine Boquet and the late Harry Boquet Sr. She is a graduate of Franklinton High School and is currently attending Delgado Community College. 

The prospective groom is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Haley and Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Graves.  The prospective groom is a graduate of Pine High School.  

The couple will exchange vows in an evening ceremony on July 30th, 2010 at the Louisiana Castle.  The wedding is by invitation only.  Following a honeymoon in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee the couple will make their home in the Pine community.